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COVID-19 modified services


The primary contact number for all boarding or training enquires is still 9753 5766, option 2

Our services have always been in high demand, however, we have been inundated with calls since the approaching end of lockdown and we are trying our very best to catch up. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also understand that we do take time with each enquiry to ensure everything is explained in detail and all questions are answered.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, Alpha Boarding School For Dogs is modifying its services to provide a safer training service. To that end, we are no longer picking up your dogs or bringing them back home as is stated on this site. All training and course hand-backs are performed at our purpose-built boarding and training facility where you will be taught at the end of your course all the skills required to apply the training at home. We have applied this hand-back model to dogs from interstate and country areas for the last 24 years, and with all dogs since the beginning of COVID-19, with great results.

Alpha Boarding School For Dogs is an outlier in our industry and has pioneered methods and standards that go way beyond the impractical techniques of science-based training, and the lack of reality that goes with supposedly positive methods that allow dog behaviour to spiral out-of-control when so often these behaviours are relatively easy to modify or rehabilitate. So don't worry if previous methods have let your dog's behaviour worsen, we can still help. The methods we have developed are based in REALITY and are specifically aimed at teaching your dogs to listen and behave, when required, in distracting, day-to-day situations.

We look forward to discussing your dog's training and/or behavioural issues with you and explaining how we can help.

Thank you for your understanding in these crazy times.


Jenny Hall

with Sammy

"Leaving him for 4 weeks was difficult for me - the longest I have ever left him, but as usual, you and your enthusiastic young staff members cared for him beautifully."

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Trina Clarke and family

with Misty

"...Alphadog methods really are so simple, they work and I now know we are going to enjoy the next 15 years with a super dog all because now we know what to do. There is no confusion for us or Misty..."

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Tara and Ian Robertson

with Shirley and Laney

"...We know when we go on holidays again there won't be any hesitation on who to leave the animals with - the true professionals in the dogs wellbeing."

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Adam, Louise, Rory and Georgia Maxwell

with Darcy

"...Thankyou for the wonderful job you did in training our golden retriever Darcy. While we were enjoying the beach for 10 glorious days over January last year Darcy received some well needed training and thankfully came back a different dog..."

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Con and Diane Shalevski

with Puppy

"...Puppy's attitude is now something special. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe this was achievable. We could never have achieved this without you guys. You have really changed our lives and we thank you for it..."

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Maria Loomes

with Charlie and Maeve

"...They both now sit on a slight tug of the lead or verbal request and Charlie is very happy to "drop" on request, he also seems to have lost the angry look in his eye. They both continue to improve by the day..."

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Chui and Caroline

with Jerry

"...Thank you for transforming my dog from a playful, fun-loving, self-willed dog to a playful, fun-loving obedient dog!..."

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Janet and Ron Fenech

with Jackson

"...I could not believe it, how such a change could happen so quickly. Now I had to learn their new simple technique that worked so well. I took the lead and it happened so easily. He did everything so well for me..."

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Steve Lang & Salli Tierney

with Max

"...The obedience lessons have true results; we're finding Max is now a far happier and more disciplined dog in general - quiet and very well behaved, he is a real pleasure to control in public, social or other distractive situations..."

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Family of David, Sarah & Megan

with Digby

"...WOW when Greg brought Digby back after 16 days of training it was a completely well behaved, well mannered and obedient Digby that was returned to us. Since Friday April 8th we have spent lots of time with Digby enforcing and maintaining the training..."

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